Professionals: the fist step

We’re thrilled that you’re considering using and retailing Fusion Meso skincare in your clinic. We are on a journey with professionals in delivering healthy skin. Because you decided that less than the best just wasn’t your style.

Using external audits, we continually monitor the quality of our services and processes to refine every step. The result is the highest quality; made by people who are passionate about effective and performing products.

Meet Pere, our Master Blender. He’s been working with the company since the early begining from blending few kilos of product, to managing machines that blend 2.000 kg of product in one day.

All the products are manufactured in our own facilities in SPAIN. We use the best practice and equipments for the production of Fusion Meso skin care. We also manage our logistics to ensure a high level of service, from start to finish for every orders. As a European company, we comply with European manufacturing standards and GMP regulations so you can be confident in the consistent quality you will find in each and every product.

Research & Development

We have a unique team of chemists, pharmacists and doctors committed to create and test new formulations every year. We continuously seek and review new powerful active ingredients and how to incorporate them in our formulations.

We are always up-dated of what is new in the industry. This is why Fusion Meso products are the most effective. As an example the revolutionary development of the transdermal PPC for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat deposits without injection, the stabilized pure retinol 1% or staibilized vitamin C 5%.

Natalia, who studied pharmacy at the University of Barcelona and is HB AESTHETICS technical director. She joined the group 8 years ago as a product formulator and is now leading the R&D department. During her career in personal care, Natalia has developed many unique formulations. She is an industry expert in emulsion technologies and also the person behind many technologies.